Thursday, March 3, 2011

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a smart field with high scope in the area of Internet Marketing.

How search engine optimization (SEO) emerged

In the initial days the practice of search engine optimization was only known to the Google software engineers. They developed and evolved the SEO practices and activities to improve the quality of their search results. Later the Google team understand that the webmasters can do the better role in making the web pages and website error free by achieving some sort of standards in the web development and designing works. Google succeeded in popularizing their search engine and developing it as an unavoidable unit among the internet users. After a long research, Google started a free web service named Google web master tools, where any webmaster or a website owner can register a free account and follow certain steps given in its tools. It was like a free DIY (Do It Yourself) package from Google. When the Google search engine became main resource for every internet users, Google published the basic secrets as criteria and needs for inclusion in their search results. With their web master tools they provide a free service like search engine submission named Google Add URL.
In the later stages of web master tools, Google introduced tools for submitting site map, crawl rate checking and changing, tool for adding robots.txt file, analyze number of page previews, clicks and it CTR (Click through rates).

Google improved their webmaster tools with many features like sitemaps, crawl access, site links, change of address, settings, URL parameters, user administration under the site configuration tool. By using web master tools of Google, a webmaster or a publisher can check their index status, crawl status etc.

Google published many documents for guiding the webmaster tool users. When Google succeeded to crawl more web pages and got many quality content from the side of web masters with the help of webmaster tools, Google published and continued publishing detailed awareness programs through videos and guiding documents.

Webmasters and publishers followed the Google webmaster guidelines and improved their page visibilities, able to solve crawl errors, and achieved more organic visits.

Now Google announces most of their changes and decisions of their search engineers through videos uploaded in you tube and Google web master tool help forums. The videos about their discussions and meetings show that they are very friendly towards Search Engine Optimizers and they discuss many topics in which more doubts and queries are getting in their web master tools help forum. Most of the SEOs including me regularly watch video tutorials uploaded by Google in which Matt Cutts, the Google web spam team head shares many innovative information for web masters and answers to frequently asked questions.

This is one video uploaded by Google, giving important information for in house SEOs or large corporate firms. In the video Matt Cutts gives tips for in house SEOs to improve their website by improving their page loading time, add user friendly content, blog and use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble upon for website promotion. At last he also suggests for adding blog.

Each and every sessions in search engine optimization has its own importance. Some of activities in on page and off page works are very important and need to conduct very carefully. It is true that the process conducted systematic will definitely bring good number of organic visits and business deals. Activities like Keyword research, selection of best keywords and its usage in title, header tags, etc are to be done very carefully.